About Us

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Our Story

We are small company passionate to build the quality product for small and medium business. Mainly we focused on business application but we also develop web pages and e-commerce solution.

We are in this field since 2004. Learn a lot from the local and international client. Our flagship product is the “Sales Inventory and Accounting”. We have built this in 2008 and since then we gradually update this system. Besides that, we build a large number of websites and e-commerce solution.

This year, 2018 we 3 friends decide to stick together and pursue our dream by “Devs Palace”. This is where we like to take challenges from our customer and make that easy for them. We already give support to over 300 customers to automate their business with Sales Inventory and Accounts.

Now we think of giving more solution to the business. You can check out our products. Also, we will be very happy to hear from you.



Meet Us

Three happy guys are in our team

Tapan DevOps
Web developer, PHP enthusiast, music lover. I’m happy as long as I have a problem to solve and something new to learn. I am passionate about doing meaningful work, providing the affordable solution and not being evil. As well I’m also in touch with small group of developers, who can help me with your project, in case you need any boost in development. I love to sing and play guitar.
Ron Developer
I’m professional web developer, working in this sphere more than 10 years. During my career I was concentrated on web projects, and mostly these projects were driven by PHP and MySQL on server, and Javascript on client. By years I was knowledgeable not only in these technologies, but also with different frameworks, which allow to make development faster. For example Codeigniter, Laravel for PHP. Jquery and rest for Javascript. Also I tried to use some NoSQL technologies in replacement for MySQL. Of course I’m good in HTML and CSS.
Rasel Designer
Hello, I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator with more than 6 years experience in graphic design. During the past years, I provided design services for my clients on wide range of projects for print and the web. Drawing is my passion, profession, and my hobby. I really enjoy creating various types of vector art. I relish the challenge of taking a client`s ideas and translating them into a visual reality for their business. So, good communication with the client is the most important for me.