We would like to welcome everyone to our official Devs Palace blog page. We are currently under heavy development of our major product POS with Accounts which we have released on Envato 15th April 2015. And our last update was in 2016. Since then we didn’t work over this product. But we get a huge request from our existing customer and we feel that it’s a worthy product which we need to take care of our customers and us as well.

From the mid of this year we are closely working over the product and after doing hard work we are able to release our version 2.0.0 on 18th November with a major feature our customer wants for long, Sales Tax. Previously we don’t have sales tax included. It was the most wanted feature. Also with that, we have changed our theme to an open source theme AdminLTE (v2.4.5) and updated core CodeIgniter 3.1.9

With the long story short, from now on we will actively develop this product along with some other products which we will inform you on the right time.

We would like to thank our customers who believe on us, you are the forces which push us this far.

Thanks again.

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